3 daily rituals that make a big difference

3 daily rituals that make a big difference

1. Wake Up Fresh

Simply put, the only way to do this is get enough sleep the night before! I place a lot of importance on my sleep; it’s so crucial to having a productive day at work and being a good mamma to my boys. I try to go to bed at the same time each night so that I can be up at 6am and ready to start the day. I also turn off my phone before I hit the pillow and I often diffuse a night time essential oil an hour or so bed to get me ready for sleep. Usually I get up with the boys, try and get a bit of a stretch in while my little one plays around then I make a coffee to get me ready for the day. I love the Moccona Barista Reserve Café Black, it tastes just like freshly brewed coffee but I can get it made in seconds! It’s my little teeny bit of me time in amongst a busy morning.

Sally Hunwick drinking coffee

Phillip Castleton

2. Take A Bath

We didn’t have a bath in our old house so now that I have a bath again, I am using it! I love to take a bath at night time once my baby boy is asleep and the house is quiet. I’ll add a beautifully scented bubble bath or an oil. Sometimes I just lie there and quiet my mind, or sometimes I even catch up on a bit of Netflix. It’s my extra little bit of me-time.

3. Make A Mask

In my role as Beauty Director I get to try a lot of different face masks, but there are times when I feel creative and want to DIY something in my own kitchen. Caffeine is the ultimate in reducing inflammation and puffiness and also really good for tightening the skin. And a DIY mask is easy to make! I made a mask the other day using instant coffee (I used Moccona Barista Reserve Café Black. It’s not just perfect for my morning cuppa, it’s also amazing as a face mask ingredient!), turmeric and natural yoghurt. Turmeric is rich in vitamin C and great for lightening pigmentation, while yoghurt contains lactic acid, which helps sloth off dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and bright.

Coffee & Tumeric  Face Mask


1 level teaspoon Moccona Barista Reserve Café Black

1 level teaspoon turmeric

1 generous tablespoon Greek yogurt


1. In a bowl, add a level teaspoon of Moccona Barista Reserve Café Black and a level teaspoon of turmeric. Mix the two and add a generous tablespoon of Greek yogurt to make a smooth paste You can add more yogurt if you want to make it a creamier mask.

2. Apply the paste to your face with a synthetic makeup brush and leave for 20 minutes. 

3. Massage mask into face with a bit of warm water for a minute or two (this will help get rid of dead skin cells and leave skin glowing) before rinsing thoroughly with warm water and a facecloth. Use a dark facecloth to avoid staining.

Sally Hunwick masking a face mask

Phillip Castleton

4. Energise With Exercise

While I can’t get to the gym these days, I do make sure that I get the kids out and about every day. I’ll often take a coffee, (yep, my Moccona Barista Reserve Café Black in my keep cup!), as caffeine is great to get the metabolism going. We love to go for a walk with friends or meet people at the local park – when we aren’t in lock-down! I also try to walk to or from work with a friend a few times a week to keep my steps up. If I do over 5,000 a day during the week, I am pretty happy. And that doesn’t count all the running around I’m doing after the kids at home!

5. Reflect By Journaling

I write a lot at work but I still like to journal. I often just type a few words into my phone but getting thoughts out on paper is a great way to remind myself of the things I am grateful for and it helps me let go of worries and stress too. I can also look back and see how I was feeling at a certain time. I find it a great way to feel more centred.

Moccona Barista Reserve

Phillip Castleton

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