6 best milk frothers in Australia 2020: From $27.53

6 best milk frothers in Australia 2020: From $27.53

The best milk frothers in Australia

How did we pick this list?

Our team selected the products on this list based on real customer reviews. We carefully selected parameters for each category and researched the best products within those parameters to find you the highest scoring products.

Read more detail on our methodology below.

Best overall product: Breville Cafe Milk Frother BMF600

Why we chose it

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 200 ratings on Amazon and 5 out of 5 from 57 reviews on The Good Guys, the best overall milk frother is the Breville Cafe Milk Frother BMF600.

At home baristas love the elegant design and the products ease of use. As well as a generous capacity allowing for 3 cups of foamed milk, the stainless steel jug is also easy to clean and everything but the base is dishwasher safe.

The product uses induction heating for gentle and even heat distribution and customers enjoy the temperature control dial which allows the user to adjust to their own tastes, including iced drinks. There are also two frothing discs to choose from whether you prefer smooth lattes or rich and creamy cappuccinos.

If you happen to be taking a break from caffeine, many reviews also mention that it makes a professional standard creamy hot chocolate.

Best electric milk frother: Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Easy


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to use and clean


  • There is debate amongst reviews as to whether it’s suitable for non-dairy milks
  • A smaller capacity than some competitors

Price (RRP): $59.00

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Why we chose it

The best electric milk frother is the Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Easy, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 1,680 ratings on Amazon.

Customers enjoy the sleek design and that it is compact, ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium! Some reviewers say they keep theirs in a drawer to save counter space.

The product has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Simply pour in the milk and the Lavazza heats and froths both quickly and gently.

The Lavazza frother has a Milk Easy function, which is a helpful beeper to let you know when the process is complete. One customer was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the product was while in use. Most parts of the products are removable and dishwasher safe for convenience.

Best handheld milk frother: Bialetti TuttoCrema Milk Frother


  • Quality product
  • Liked by both dairy and non-dairy drinkers


  • Takes a little elbow grease
  • Not compatible with induction cookers

Price (RRP): $55.00

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Why we chose it

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 782 ratings on Amazon, the best handheld milk frother is the Bialetti Tutto Crema Milk Frother. It is elegantly designed and simple to use.

This product is compatible with gas, electric and ceramic stovetops. It has a heat resistant handle and a non-stick inner coating. While the product is advertised as dishwasher safe, some repeat customers noted the lifespan was longer when they washed by hand. The product is available in 3 cups or 6 cups, the prices and links listed are for the 6 cup version.

The plunger is a double froth screen with a silicon edge. To use, simply warm your milk then work the plunger up and down (roughly 15 seconds is recommended) to create your desired texture.

Best automatic milk frother: Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother


  • Easy to use
  • Customers love the results


  • Settings lean towards the ‘hot’ side
  • Not effective with plant milks

Price (RRP): $99.00

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Why we chose it

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 2,885 reviews on Amazon, the best automatic milk frother is the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother.

This product is made from stainless steel and plastic, it’s designed to be slimline to fit anywhere and needs a mains power supply. While you can adjust the heat settings to suit your tastes, due to power conversion, Australian customers are recommended to use the product on a lower heat setting to achieve the expected results.

The Nespresso Aeroccinois able to quickly prepare hot or cold milk froth at the touch of a button (hold for one second for hot milk / hold for two seconds for cold milk) and even has an auto shut off feature when finished. The product is mostly dishwasher safe and easy to take apart to wash.

This product comes backed by a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Best stovetop milk frother: Taylor & Ng 30028 Bellman CX-25S Stovetop Steamer


  • Good quality
  • Durable and elegant


  • A more costly option
  • Takes some effort to get the hang of it

Price (RRP): $159.00

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Why we chose it

The best stovetop milk steamer is the Taylor & Ng 30028 Bellman CX-25S Stovetop Steamer. It boasts an average rating of 4 out of 5 from 69 Amazon reviews and is loved for its’ professional look and results.

This durable product is made from stainless steel and made to last. It’s an attractive and durable design which customers enjoy for years of use.

The Taylor & Ng 30028 Bellman CX-25S Stovetop Steamer is used by adding water, placing it on your stovetop and waiting for the steam to pressurise. Essentially it works in the same way as professional espresso machines, which means you can get great results in the comfort of your own home. Having said that, there is a knack and it does take a little practice to get to barista quality. Customer reviews suggest that this is worth the effort.

This product is so pared back in its design and functionality that you can even take it camping and have a quality coffee under the stars!

Best portable milk frother: Nestpark Portable Milk Frother Wand



  • Less durable
  • Need to take care not to get the battery compartment wet

Price (RRP): $27.53

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Why we chose it

The best portable milk frother is the Nestpark Portable Milk Frother Wand, which has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 from 1,136 reviews on Amazon.

Customers love the simplicity of this product, working essentially as a mini battery powered whisk. The Nestpark Wand works on both hot and cold drinks and in 30 seconds of use at 13,000 RPM, can produce great quality results. Many customers were pleasantly surprised by how powerful the product is.

The wand is quick, easy and simple to use, and just as easy to clean. It’s also really light, ideal for travelling or camping, the lifespan just depends on the batteries you use.

If you purchase from Amazon directly you even get a lifetime warranty.


Brands considered
Products compared
Best products chosen
  • We’ve compared multiple brands and more than 15 milk frother products.
  • We eliminated some products which are not widely available in Australia.
  • The products on this list are chosen by our editorial team and are not selected based on commercial relationships.

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