Best coffee bags 2021: From Lyons to Taylors

Best coffee bags 2021: From Lyons to Taylors

In the UK, we guzzle around 95 million cups of coffee a day and worldwide, it is thought to be the most popular drink. Who can blame us? There’s nothing quite like the tantalising aroma and first sip of a freshly made coffee.

But with life becoming busier and many of us constantly on the go, it is never the most convenient beverage to knock up.

With not enough time to grind our own beans at home or wait in the queue at the local cafe, the drinks market was shouting out for a convenient alternative for a barista-style cup. And now, there is finally a new and easy way to score your caffeine fix – coffee bags.

What is that? I hear you asking. Could we really make a decent cup of coffee without an elaborate machine or faffing with a cafetiere, simply with a square-shaped sachet of coffee grounds? And we’re not talking the often weak and tasteless instant, this is proper roasted and ground coffee.

Just like the ease of making a cup of tea, you dunk your coffee bag into a mug, pour on boiling water and leave to brew – the longer you leave it, the stronger it tastes. A little squeeze, a little shake, pop the bag in the bin and – voila!

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Something similar to coffee bags was a short-lived trend brought in during the Seventies but back then, it never caught on. Now though, the biggest brands, as well as some brilliant independent retailers, have mastered it and are offering up a delicious, convenient and sustainable way to deliver a barista-style coffee.

When testing out our coffee bags, we made sure we left them to brew for the time suggested on the box, which ranged from two to five minutes, similar to brewing a tea bag. For all of the coffees, we drank our cup black without milk or sugar to ensure we experienced the full flavour.

We were looking for an instant, tantalising aroma to take our breath away even before the first sip and a strong but not overpowerful or bitter taste.

So, whether you’re in a rush or simply bored of complicated coffee nonsense – just boil the kettle and off you go.

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Paddy & Scott’s craft coffee brew bags

Perhaps the most efficiently packaged, these sweet-smelling brew bags come in an easy to serve narrow box, which slots discreetly next to your kettle. Paddy & Scott’s bags are compostable and the packaging is recyclable, and, taking the brand’s ethical stance even further, have launched its own coffee farm in Kenya and champion sustainable coffee making.

The regular blend uses Arabica and Robusta coffee and there’s also a decaf option, too. With taste notes of chocolate, salted caramel and cherry, both the smell and taste was spot-on. It had a good kick too, with a double shot per bag, and in the brands’ own words claiming to herald a “smooth and natural high” took the words right out of our mouth.

The verdict: Coffee bags

We think Paddy & Scott’s brew bags were the best of the bunch for a number of reasons. The compact box, the brand’s progressive views on sustainability and of course, the taste. Unlike some of the others, there’s just one flavour but we like that they’re keeping it simple. We hope to see these widely available in the shops as soon as possible.

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