Best Couch for Kids and Pets: Burrow Performance Velvet Couch

Best Couch for Kids and Pets: Burrow Performance Velvet Couch

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Most of my favorite products are those that stand up to me being the klutz I am. We’re talking machine-washable bags and stain- and wrinkle-resistant clothing only. So, when it comes to shopping for a new sofa — one that looks as good as my Pinterest boards tell me it should, but also will stay looking that way for as long as possible — Burrow was the only way to go. And now that the Burrow Nomad Velvet Sofa has been born, none of us have to sacrifice our deep desire for a chic velvet sectional (just me?) for a living room seating arrangement that can stand the test of time and wear.

In a rush? Here are some spoilers as to why this couch is probably the best thing to happen to my living room:

Burrow’s sofa style Nomad Performance Velvet is just as customizable as the brand’s other options. Choose from five colors of the brand’s own performance velvet material, from midnight blue to jade green, and multiple wood and metal leg finishes to create your own perfect sofa. You can even choose to add on the ottoman or make the sofa a chaise lounge sectional — whatever works for your space, family, and needs the best.

Now to the best part: Burrow’s performance velvet “passed a 100,000 double-rub test (with flying colors), which is a fancy furniture industry standard for measuring wear and tear.” From testing with cat scratch simulators to dropping anvils on the entire sofa itself, Burrow has done it all to ensure their sofa will withstand the “drama of everyday life.” And, let me tell you, it certainly does.

My cat has made me go through three other sofas, the arms and backs of which were barely recognizable by the end of their runs. Not only does my Burrow Nomad Velvet Sofa withstand my trouble-making kitty’s occasional stretch scratches, but it very well may be the first material he has no interest in destroying to begin with. Additionally, the number of times I’ve spilled everything from watercolor paint to coffee and wine on this sofa would shock you (or not, if you know me), and yet my beloved Burrow remains unfazed.

While I could go on and on about why this couch is a worth-it investment, I’ll leave it at one last comment: I choose to sleep on this couch more often than not. Yes, I did invest in a very expensive mattress a few years back — and yet, my Burrow sofa calls to me when I’m home alone at night. It brings me comfort and is unbelievably reliable. I trust this couch with my life.

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