Everything To Know About Maui, Hawaiian Island Where Show Is Filmed

Everything To Know About Maui, Hawaiian Island Where Show Is Filmed

Temptation Island season 3 filmed in Maui, which is the second-largest Hawaiian Island. The island is the right place to surrender to temptation.

The third season of Temptation Island is well underway, with some heads already being turned. The contestants are ready to see what the island has in store for them. For a show with such a crazy premise, producers needed to find an island to match. Maui is just the place. The island is a beautiful setting for potentially cheating on a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Temptation Island has witnessed many heartbreaks over the past few seasons. It is as though couples use the island as a way to break up with their partners. From season 1 and season 2, only Javen Butler and Shari Ligons stayed together at the final bonfire (they are still together now). Considering the fact that many fans thought they would break up, this is amazing for them, and they even run a podcast together.

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During their season, every other couple broke it off. However, Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl got back together, despite breaking up at the bonfire. All in all, Javen Butler and Shari Ligons from season 1 have had the most stable relationship since leaving. The island is gorgeous, but many couples have called it quits there. Hopefully, in the latest season, couples will be able to resist the pull of the island and stay committed to their partners.

Maui is an island in Hawaii that is nicknamed the Valley Isle. It is the second-largest Hawaiian island. For the show, they filmed in August 2020 at the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, which is considered an expensive accommodation. A fun fact about Maui is they also grow coffee beans there, so any caffeine addicts in the villa will definitely be able to access their supply.

Hawaii is a popular destination spot for tourists because of its scenery and also because other shows have filmed there, such as Dog: The Bounty Hunter. The location is breathtaking, and many contestants will be dazzled by the views. Plenty of couples have failed to make it work after the show, so a half-joking argument could be made that the island is cursed. Then again, some of these people should not have been together in the first place, like Evan Smith and Kaci Campbell.

Temptation Island is a true test of a couple’s relationship. It will be interesting for viewers to see everything play out in Maui. When the pandemic is over or completely under control and people can travel again, they may go to Maui for holidays because of what they’ve seen on Temptation Island. This destination is timeless but feels fresh thanks to the show.

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Temptation Island airs Tuesday at 10 PM ET on USA

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