House Call: What Do Your Water Glasses Say About You?

House Call: What Do Your Water Glasses Say About You?

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Two years ago, Sean Santiago wrote: Water glasses are your home’s handshake. “After a welcome mat, water glasses are your next best opportunity to make a great first impression.” How true! I think about it all the time. Yesterday, it popped into my mind because a) I am now fully vaccinated and ready for the onslaught of guests, and b) I had a stranger come into my home, wherein I offered him a beverage (he was an energy efficiency auditor, which was very fascinating and informative, if you must know). He loved the little vintage enamel mug we served with coffee—a piece from a set found by my eagle-eyed partner, who has incredible thrifting/collecting abilities. And though it wasn’t a water glass, it had a similar effect.

I’m so excited to welcome people into my home again—no covered faces, no stressing over embraces—and present them with a drink. I’m already planning which vessel will go with what libation. Short Duralex glasses for water. Some colorful mugs for coffee. A handmade cup for tea. After more than a year without handshakes, I’m coming back with high-fives, fist bumps, hugs, and more.

Read on for some hostess with the mostest–worthy glasses.

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