How One Australian Brewery Is Trying To ‘Fix The Planet’

How One Australian Brewery Is Trying To ‘Fix The Planet’

You’ll notice on Young Henrys Twitter account that the company is serious about beer, gin, whiskey, cider, and music. However, it is even more obsessed with saving the planet. The founders of the company are working together with climate change scientists at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in an effort to use micro-algae to lower the levels of methane emitted by livestock (via the Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 

It is reported that scientists have high hopes to achieve a 20% decrease in cow-produced methane, and once perfected, the researchers and founders believe this method can be easily introduced and implemented worldwide. UTS professor and head of the school’s climate change cluster Peter Ralph believes that “all of this is critical to reducing our carbon footprint and fixing the planet.”

Young Henrys brewery co-founder Richard Adamson explained that the ultimate goal is to employ the program in all breweries, which will “have a significant impact on CO2 emissions in brewing and also, hopefully, methane emissions in agriculture.” In addition to supporting a healthier planet, the brewery claims it will rely entirely on renewable energy by the end of 2021 (via the Young Henrys website). 

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