How to make coffee: New to coffee? Here’s you can ace the skill of making a perfect cup!

How to make coffee: New to coffee? Here’s you can ace the skill of making a perfect cup!

Actress Shruti Hassan started drinking coffee after a gap of 15 years, during the lockdown period. Bollywood actor Himansh Kohli, who recently fought against Covid 19, claimed that coffee helped him get through self-isolation.

This hot beverage was largely being consumed by people across the world, especially during the lockdown period. Retailers like Metro Cash and Carry, Walmart, Lots Wholesale, MaxWholesale and others have witnessed an increase of 30%-160% in the sale of these products compared to the pre-Covid days.

Consuming coffee makes you alert, focused and gives you a kick, as it has caffeine. Caffeine blocks your center nervous system by reacting on adenosine receptor and it increases dopamine which provides temporary, mood lift, relieves stress, etc. Considering the lockdown period that affected one’s sleep cycle, daily routine, physical activity and most importantly the negativity around, more and more people started drinking coffee,” says Holistic Nutritionist, Clinca Dietician and Lifestyle Coach, Rachna Shukla Sharma

Office breaks were all about quick coffee breaks that people are missing right now, hence, they are replicating the same at home, by trying out different kinds of coffees and in different ways. So, here’s a guide for you to find out which will work best for you.

The transition from instant to ground coffee

If you want to attempt to make a coffee that you used to pick while heading to work, then instant ones are a bad idea. Experts suggest ground coffee works best and it can be made at home but you need to make sure the kind of coffee beans you pick. “There are two types of coffee beans that are used to make coffee: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee beans are typically grown in places at a higher altitude; hence the coffees are very flavorful. These coffee beans are dense and are considered of extremely fine quality. Robusta coffee beans are grown in places at a lower altitude and the level of caffeine in them is quite high, they are bitter in taste and lesser in flavour but have a better body than Arabica beans. The Robusta beans are soft bodied as compared to Arabica coffee beans. Roasts can range from light to medium to dark, Lighter roasts are more acidic than the darker roasts, to get the best balance usually medium roast is preferred but it finally depends on personal preference,” says Lakshmi Dasaka- Co-founder & COO, SLAY Coffee.

The grinding process!

There are several different kinds of apparatus available in the market for grinding coffee. Blade and burr grinder are the two types of grinder that are used. Puneet Mishra, an entrepreneur and an avid coffee lover for the past 20 years, says burr grinder are best for grinding coffee. “There are two main types of grinders that are widely used, i.e, blade and burr grinder. If you want your coffee beans to be fine and uniform, then burr works the best. Though a little expensive but burr grinders give out best results. You can also try blade grinders, they are inexpensive, you can get fine results from that too, but that depends on the time you are investing in the grinding process, also it’s a very noisy process,” says Puneet. Lakshmi suggests that one shouldn’t grinding coffee in advance rather grind it right before brewing the coffee. “Coffee is quite aromatic and full of flavor when it is first ground. Grinding coffee beans reduces their surface area, which causes the beans to lose their flavor more rapidly than they would if they were left as whole beans. In fact, it begins to lose its flavor in only ten minutes once ground. Hence it requires special packaging to ensure the freshness remains intact. Hence its best to grind your coffee at the time of brewing itself. Many equipments are available in market and one can choose as per their requirements, frequency of use, cleaning measures etc.,” says Lakshmi

Brewing the perfect cuppa!

“Freshly ground coffee ensures that we have the aroma, freshness and the flavor intact, every cup made has its characteristics. The store-like coffee experience can be attained by brewing coffee grounds in coffee-makers. Most widely accepted coffee machine is the French press and the moka pot, where you can get your favourite coffee and brew it at home, add milk or hot water as per preference. Talking about storage, one must ensure the coffee is kept in air-tight containers or sealable pouches,” says Lakshmi. While those people who do not want to spend so much time grinding and brewing, can just replace it with coffee pods and capsules and brew it. “For a coffee lover nothing can beat the satisfaction of doing the whole process of making the perfect cup of coffee. But for some on the go, pods and capsule work, though they don’t taste as good as freshly ground coffee, they are definitely quicker. Just throw a pod in your coffee maker and brew your coffee in almost half the time,” says Puneet.

While these are traditional ways that you can get a taste of your favourite coffee while at home. There are a lot of other options for those who have just started drinking coffee and want to try other different variants of coffee. So, for those, flavoured coffee is a good pick. “Hazelnut, caramel, chocolate, there are so many variants that are available and it can be made instantly, so it’s hassle free,” says Lakshmi. She also says that green coffee has also been in demand. This kind is perfect for those who don’t like their coffee to be too strong. “Green coffee beans are basically un-roasted coffee beans. Coffee attains its flavor with a perfect roasting technique and since green coffee beans are un-roasted, they do not have such strong flavors. The taste is much milder and can be a refreshing alternative for those who dislike the strong aromatic flavor of coffee. These coffee beans contain a higher amount of a chemical called chlorogenic acid. This chemical is thought to have health benefits, especially for weight loss. Chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism,” says Lakshmi

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