Missing my friend but grateful to have known her – Greeley Tribune

Missing my friend but grateful to have known her – Greeley Tribune

It’s hard losing someone.

A family member, a close friend, a person you loved.

Thinking about this now because of Peggy. Peggy Ford Waldo passed away last week, and many of us will miss her, because of the type of person she was.

Not only was she the most reliable person to ask about Greeley history, she was also very nice, very kind, very thoughtful.

For example, several years ago a retired cop who was a part of our Thursday morning coffee group died suddenly, and I was hurt by his absence. Peggy sent flowers to me. To help me through the tough times.

That’s the kind of person she was.

I’m sure I talked to Peggy a thousand times about Greeley history. That’s also who she was. If you had a Greeley history question, just call Peggy. She would first say she’d “Look it up,” but then from her memory, she’d give you the whole answer and more. She lived and breathed Greeley history, and the depth of her knowledge was unbelievable.

And, Peggy could always make me laugh, because she also knew the funny side of history.

Because of that knowledge, Peggy’s books were informing, entertaining and easy to read. That’s how history books should be. She also mentored others and helped with their books, like Gabe and Jody Lopez, who wrote about the Spanish Colony of Greeley in a book, “White Gold Labors.” “She helped us with the writing, and taught me how to interview,” Gabe said.

Peggy could lead you down the path of Greeley history, such as her knowledge of the Delta, which is defined by the union of the Cache la Poudre and South Platte rivers. It is where the Greeley and Weld County settlers grew their crops and prospered.

Peggy will be buried next week in Linn Grove Cemetery, which is in the Delta. She will be in good company with friends she never met in person,  but knew of their lives: the Meeker family, Bud and Rebecca Eaton, Jared Brush, Loretta Chappelow, Joe Rubal, Mildred Hansen, Alvin Garcia and J. Max Clark are just a few of Peggy’s historic friends

Of course, we’ll miss Peggy.

But we’ll always be grateful for her.

— Mike Peters covered cops and courts for the Tribune from 1971 until his retirement in 2011. He remains a Greeley resident and still writes his weekly column called “Gnarly Trombone” as well as the weekly feature “100 Years Ago” for the Tribune. Questions or comments may be sent to mrpeters26@comcast.net.

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