No Country for Migrants – OZY

No Country for Migrants – OZY

Happy Monday! With an unsteady economy struggling against the Delta variant of COVID-19, we could all do with some smart financial tips. But why rely only on traditional experts? Today, meet a 25-year-old Nigerian YouTuber who is fast emerging as one of Africa’s most prominent financial advisers. Amid a serious spat over Australia’s plans to turn to the U.S. and U.K. for nuclear submarines, take a sneak peek at the next nations that could develop atomic programs. And add some spice to the start of your week with mouthwatering new cookbooks from different cultures.  

Charu Sudan Kasturi and Eromo Egbejule

News in a Minute

1 – No Country for Migrants

The U.S. has begun flying hundreds of Haitian migrants back to the Caribbean country against their will in dramatic scenes backed by a show of force along the Mexico border, where agents are trying to block illegal entrants. But impoverished Haiti, still battling the aftereffects of an earthquake, a hurricane and a political crisis, doesn’t want the deportees either and is pleading with America to keep them. It’s a rare instance of the U.S. sending back migrants without giving them a chance to seek asylum. Do you agree with the U.S. government’s approach? Vote here or on Twitter. (Sources: CNBC, NYT)

2 – Van(ishing) Life

The FBI has found a body that the agency believes might belong to 22-year-old Gabby Petito, who disappeared mysteriously in Wyoming in August while on a cross-country van trip with her fiance Brian Laundrie, who returned home without her. Since then, Laundrie too has disappeared. Police had pulled the couple over in August and body camera footage shows a sobbing Petito as she explains that she and Laundrie had been fighting. (Sources: WaPo, BBC)

3 – TikTok Diktat

ByteDance, the company behind the viral social app TikTok, has introduced a 40-minute daily limit on the platform’s Chinese version for children under the age of 14. While it’s unclear if it will attempt similar restrictions in other nations where TikTok is wildly popular, the move in China follows new regulations by Beijing curtailing access to online video games during the week. (Sources: WSJ, The Verge)

4 – Bee Killers

A swarm of bees stung 63 endangered penguins to death in South Africa, conservationists have said. But experts still don’t know why the bees attacked the penguins, when they have long cohabited peacefully within the same national park near Cape Town. (Sources: Guardian/AFP, Independent)

5 – Crown-ing Glory for Netflix

The streaming service won more Emmys than any other broadcaster or network for the first time ever on Sunday, as multiple awards for The Crown and The Queen’s Gambit propelled it to a total of 44 trophies. (Sources: Variety, Deadline)

breaking down the barriers to wellness — for everyone

Every community deserves resources for healthy living, but not every community has access to them. With the first-ever Wellness Impact Award, WW is selecting five organizations to receive a $15,000 grant, mentorship, additional fundraising opportunities and more. These champions of wellness are tackling the systemic inequities faced by marginalized communities with everything from fresh food deliveries to nutrition education that embraces culturally relevant foods. Other winners are encouraging young people to connect with the outdoors. It’s a step toward making healthy living a human right.


Social Media Stock Pickers

They’re the Jim Cramers of social media, dishing out stock advice and influencing billions in trade.

1 – Nathália Rodrigues

She’s arguably one of the greatest Brazilian social media influencers around. Only 22 years old, this Black woman has already earned a place on Fortune magazine’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders list. Her YouTube channel Nath Finanças has amassed over 250,000 followers since its launch in 2019, and her audience hangs on her every word about investments and financial education. Her videos aim to get more low-income earners to up their economic status in life.

2 – Fisayo Fosudo

This 25-year-old Nigerian YouTuber has over 180,000 followers and is one of the most easily recognizable content creators from Africa. An economics graduate with a background in graphic design, Fosudo both reviews gadgets and offers tips on fiscal discipline and investments for millennials and Gen-Zers through several series, like Finance Fridays.

3 – Tori Dunclap

Her mission: To help more women around the world beat the economic patriarchy by accomplishing what she did by the time she was 25 — earning a six-figure income. Still only 27, Dunclap calls her philosophy “financial feminism.” She shares her finance tips on TikTok, where her platform Her First $100k has gained 1.7 million followers. Need more evidence that her strategy’s working? Last year, Dunclap earned half a million dollars from running the business.

Next Nuclear Nations

The continuing controversy over Australia’s plan for nuclear submarines hasn’t just pitted allies against each other. It has also sparked fresh concerns over nuclear proliferation. But Australia’s not the only country to watch. 

1 – Brazil

The country is a signatory to the Treaty of Tlatelolco, which commits all South American and Caribbean nations to keeping the region nuclear weapons-free. But Brazil’s sophisticated civilian nuclear energy program has the wherewithal to turn toward military uses. And under current President Jair Bolsonaro, it too is preparing to launch its first nuclear-powered submarine.

2 – South Korea

For decades since the end of the Korean War, Seoul has depended on the U.S. for a security umbrella to protect it against North Korea. But former U.S. President Donald Trumps criticism of military support for the South led to an upsurge of public opinion in that country in favor of a nuclear program. Like Brazil, South Korea’s sophisticated nuclear industry means it doesnt lack the know-how. Can President Joe Bidens commitment to historic alliances sufficiently calm the Souths nerves?

Great New Cookbooks

Start the week by salivating over unique flavors from around the world with these tempting new cookbooks that could become classics in no time. 

2 – ‘The Food of Oaxaca’

Daring. That’s the best word to describe what makes Oaxaca the cultural capital of Mexico and its cuisine the apex of Mexico’s food traditions, says chef Alejandro Ruiz. So it’s little surprise that his book is an adventure, with tasty thrills at every turn of the page.

3 – ‘Afro Vegan’

London-based chef Zoe Alakija marries British flavors with the unique tastes of her Nigerian roots to offer more than 50 delicious, plant-based recipes thatll transport you oh-so-smoothly to the unique cuisine of West Africa.

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