Stardew Valley: 10 Tips To Make The Most Of Mining

Stardew Valley: 10 Tips To Make The Most Of Mining

Mining can be one of the most lucrative activities in Stardew Valley, if the player knows how to do it right. Early in the game, though, making money off of mining can be tricky. Between monsters attacking the player and struggling to find exits to the next level, sometimes new players grow frustrated.

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However, mining doesn’t have to be tedious. It can be one of the most entertaining and exciting aspects of the game, in addition to earning the player huge profits. Here are a few tips and tricks for players looking to maximize their mining potential and have fun along the way.

10 Pay Attention to Daily Luck

The Fortune Teller TV show

The Fortune Teller channel on the TV gives the player an idea of what their luck looks like that day. When the spirits are “very happy” or “in a good mood,” players have a higher chance of finding valuable items. Thus, these are the best days to head to the mines.

Avoid going to the mines—especially Skull Cavern—if the spirits are “mildly perturbed” or “very displeased.” The player will encounter more enemies on such days, and slain monsters will be far less likely to drop items.

9 Be Speedy

Several kegs with coffee brewed

Players will be surprised how big a difference speed makes in mining productivity. Always bring coffee along to the caves. Buffs from drinks are separate from food buffs, so don’t worry about removing a meal’s active effect by sipping coffee.

Coffee doesn’t just make the player walk faster. Between fighting monsters and smashing rocks, everything moves more quickly with this bonus. This allows players to collect more items in a shorter span of time—and run away from monsters that turn out to be a bit too much.

8 Utilize Buffs

Roots Platter on the cooking menu in Stardew Valley

Cooking the right meal is essential for maximizing any skill in Stardew Valley, and mining is no exception. Cranberry Sauce, for Example, provides +2 to this skill. Eggplant Parmesan offers +1 to Mining as well as +3 Defense, a helpful bonus when fighting monsters.

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A mining skill increase isn’t the only useful effect for dungeon divers. Players can increase both their Luck and Speed with Spicy Eel, or their attack power with a Roots Platter. Bean Hotpot increases maximum energy, a helpful boost for breaking boulders.

7 Bring Non-Buffing Food

Life Elixir in the crafting menu

While lots of recipes provide incredible skill boosts, it’s also important to bring healing items that don’t have these effects. For example, if the player eats Spicy Eel, then runs low on health and eats Pancakes, that item’s Foraging buff will replace the Luck and Speed effects of the first meal.

Purple Mushrooms and Magma Caps are great choices for restoring health and energy. Meanwhile, the Life Elixir restores health to maximum no matter how low it drops and is craftable starting at Combat level 2.

6 Invest In Weapons

The Galaxy Sword and its souped-up form, the Infinity Blade, are by far the best choices for slaying monsters. However, players can’t get the Galaxy Sword until they travel to Calico Desert with a Prismatic Shard. Obtaining the Infinity Blade requires completing Qi Challenges and clearing the Volcano Dungeon.

The Adventurer’s Guild has options if the player can’t yet obtain the Galaxy Sword. The Lava Katana, for example, becomes available after reaching the bottom of the mines and is one of the game’s most powerful swords for purchase.

5 Consider Rings Carefully

Rings in stardew valley

Several rings provide effects that make mining easier. The Slime Charmer is a great option, since it means dealing with fewer enemies. The Napalm Ring explodes slain monsters, while the Vampire Ring restores a little health with every kill. The Iridium Band combines several effects in one: it glows, attracts items, and increases attack power.

In Ginger Island’s Volcano Dungeon, players can forge two rings into one. This essentially allows for four active rings at once. This process can’t be reversed, so players must choose their favorite rings wisely.

4 Use Staircases

Player using a staircase in the mines

If monsters are swarming the player and there’s no easy way out, there’s no shame in escaping to the next level. Sometimes, it’s the best way to stay alive and avoid losing items that took so much effort to collect.

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Long mining sessions result in the player collecting large amounts of stone, which they can use to build staircases. Additionally, players can build staircases before heading to the caves as a contingency plan. This strategy is especially helpful in the deeper levels of Skull Cavern.

3 Craft Bombs

A bomb going off in Skull Cavern

Running low on energy by using the pickaxe over and over? Use some explosives. They can save energy when it comes to breaking rocks, and kill or seriously hurt most enemies. Furthermore, they’re the only way to permanently kill the mummies in Skull Cavern.

Mega Bombs naturally pack the biggest punch, and their components are readily available once the player reaches level 80 in the mine. Just be careful to run as far as possible from the blast radius, to avoid damage to the player.

2 Use Warp Technology

Stardew Valley player disappearing in a warp

After a full-day mining session, the player must run back to the farm before passing out at 2 am. If they can warp there instantly instead, that means more time to gather resources. The Return Scepter is the best option, since it can be used an infinite number of times.

Considering the Return Scepter costs 2,000,000g, the Warp Totem: Farm craftable makes a great substitute. Obtainable at Foraging level 8, this recipe calls for one hardwood, one honey, and 20 fiber. Take one along to maximize time spent underground.

1 Craft Items to Maximize Profit

Stardew Valley player in a maze of crystalariums

Once players return with their spoils, there are plenty of ways to increase how much money they can earn. Crystalariums, for example, replicate gemstones for infinite gold. The Geode Crusher breaks open geodes without having to pay Clint, and the Forge turns ore into valuable bars.

One crystalarium is gifted by Gunther, and the player can craft more starting at Mining level 9. The Forge becomes available after the player first harvests ore, and Clint provides the Geode Crusher crafting recipe after the player completes his special order.

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