The Best Gifts For Cocktail Lovers, According to Our Editors — Eat This Not That

The Best Gifts For Cocktail Lovers, According to Our Editors — Eat This Not That

This is for all the mixologists out there. The people in your life who love to shake up a tasty drink at home. Whether it be a cocktail, a mocktail, or even a few handy tools to make mixing drinks easier, this list has it all. The editors of Eat This, Not That! brainstormed a list of gifts cocktail lovers of all kinds will enjoy—whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been a seasoned mixologist for years. Here are the gifts to snag this holiday season, and for even more boozy gift ideas, check out our list of these 19 Best Boozy Gifts This Year, According to Our Editors. Then, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for even more shopping tips in your inbox!

 death & co welcome home cocktail book

Any mixologist that’s serious about making cocktails is probably aware of Death & Co, a cocktail institution from New York known for mixing up some of the most creative cocktails in the world. Their latest book Welcome Home is a completely new set of their cocktail creations, broken up into sections with categories like “Fresh & Lively,” “Bright & Playful,” and “Boozy & Honest.”

pink house alchemy smoldered bitters

For a different take on your usual cocktail, try these Smoldered bitters. With smoky notes of chipotle, black currant, and vanilla, these bitters pair perfectly with a bourbon or a dark rum—the ideal wintery cocktail combination.

crew supply co pride pack

For the cocktail lover who enjoys making their own syrups from scratch, this set from crew Supply Co allows mixologists to easily unscrew the bottom to pour in syrups, with matching pour spouts to pair.

argaux holiday spritz kit
Courtesy of Argaux

This kit includes a bottle of Vino Primo Vermouth straight from the Archivio Bar in Verona, Italy—famously known for selling one of the best negronis in the world. Paired with a bottle of NV Sorelle Bronca Extra Dry Prosecco, this set is perfect for anyone who loves a classic spritz.

stone michelada mix

Paired perfectly with a bottle of Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager, this miz contains the right amount of tomato juice, hot sauce, and peppers for the ideal beer cocktail right at home.

made in coupe glasses
Courtesy of Made In

Every cocktail lover needs a set of coupes! From simply pouring champagne to shaking and stirring delicious cocktail creations, these coupes can work for a variety of drinks served at home.

last call mixology cocktail mixers
Courtesy of Last Call

These craft cocktail mixers make shaking up drinks at home even easier! Simply add a spirit or even enjoy a mocktail with sparkling water using one of the three bottles in the set—Spiced Bear Tamarind, Pomegranate Berry Bramble, and Blood Orange Maple.

proper no. 12 irish whiskey

Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey is the ideal bottle to buy anyone who loves to mix up Irish coffees during the holidays. You can even gift an entire set by grabbing all the ingredients! To make, simply mix 2 ounces. of Proper No. Twelve Whiskey, 4 ounces of hot coffee, 3/4 ounce of simple syrup, and 2 to 3 ounces of heavy cream. Mix the first three ingredients in a mug and whip the heavy cream to add to the top!

the cointreau catching Up over cosmos kit
Courtesy of Sourced

This set comes with everything you need for making classic Cosmos at home. From award-winning actor and entrepreneur Jessica Alba, this box comes with a bottle of Cointreau, a bottle of vodka, non-alcohol ingredients for both a Classic and Spicy Cosmpolotian, two Libby Coupe glasses, a cocktail shaker, and a jigger!

ontherocks crystal ice cube maker

Are you always mesmerized by the clear ice cubes you see at cocktail bars? Make your own crystal-clear cubes at home with those easy-to-use OnTheRocks Ice Cube Maker!

skinny strawberry margarita wine cocktail

For anyone in your life who lives for skinny margaritas in the summertime, they are going to adore this Skinny Margarita Strawberry mix from Rancho La Gloria. Made with 100% agave wine and containing 40% more alcohol than the normal competition, the ingredients in this bottle keep it light compared to other margarita mixes you typically find on shelves.

swoon variety mixer pack
Courtesy of Swoon

Cocktails don’t have to be loaded with added sugars, you know! If you’re looking for a drink that doesn’t overdo it on the calories and sugar, Swoon has you covered. These mixers are zero calories and made with monk fruit extract to give it that sweetness you desire. The variety pack comes with their three mixers—Margarita, Cucumber Mint (think mojitos), and Ginger Lime (for Moscow mules!)

calirosa rosa blanco

Aged in wine barrels for 30 days, this tequila is beautifully pink for the colorful cocktails at home. This tequila has hints of of strawberry, raspberry, and honey, and agave with orange, cherry, and dark berry notes.

kate spade manhattan, please 4 piece shot glass set
Courtesy of Lenox

Shot glasses don’t have to always be so tacky, you know. Keep your shots classy with this gorgeous Kate Spade New York 4-piece set through Lenox, with signature drawings that represent The City That Never Sleeps.

jelly belly cocktails classic gift bag

For those people who simply love the taste of cocktails, a bag of Jelly Belly with classic cotkail flavors will certainly delight the mixologist in your life. The flavors in this bag include Margarita, Mojito, Peach Bellini, Piña Colada, Pomegranate Cosmo, and Strawberry Daiquiri.

reusable bent glass drinking straws
Courtesy of Amazon

Paper staws and metal straws are fine and all, but sipping on a cocktail with a glass straw is a much more pleasurable experience. These gorgeous straws will work well not just for cocktails, but for sipping on any kind of drink at home.

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