The new 4-star instant coffee hot on our lips

The new 4-star instant coffee hot on our lips

Moccona Barista Reserve has stepped up to the plate with Blonde Roast, a delicious new blend that brings us everything we love about our morning cup in an instant. We’re talking about a coffee with smooth and creamy notes, velvety golden crema, and rich aroma – the whole package. Crafted by Moccona’s Master Blenders and from quality coffee beans, this new instant coffee proves to us that there’s really no need for a fancy machine – especially when you’re in a time crunch.

Our panel of Review Crew® members gave this new roast a taste test.    

The Panel.

Marie Claire sent Moccona Barista Reserve Blonde Roast to a panel of women aged 25 – 40 with a passion for coffee.

The Lowdown.

Here’s why the Review Crew gave the Moccona Barista Reserve Blonde Roast a 4/5-star rating:

The delicious taste: Our reviewers enjoyed the light and creamy flavour of the Blonde Roast, noting that it completely lacked in bitterness. On top of that, many appreciated being able to tailor their coffee to their personal tastes by simply adding another teaspoon for a stronger brew.  

The convenience: We love whipping up a quick coffee (especially when we’re WFH in lockdown #7), and so do our Review Crew members. They were a big fan of the fineness of the coffee granules, as reviewers found that the formula dissolved instantly when added to hot water without leaving residue – no stirring required!

The elegant packaging: The beautiful packaging received plenty of compliments from our reviewers, as they described the 95g coffee canister as a bright, eye-catching, and elegant addition to their pantries; and the perfect size to slip into a bag for holidays away.      

The Verdict.

“If this blonde was a hair type, she’d be smooth and creamy. I was really impressed with the quality of this instant coffee. The super fine granules dissolve immediately and develop the nicest crema. Would recommend to anyone!” – Zora Z.

“The colour is different to regular instant coffee, it’s more golden and nowhere near as bitter. I can definitely see why it’s called elegant and balanced. I’ve found myself reaching for this particular coffee as an afternoon pick-me-up or to wind down and have some quality me-time. Every time I open the lid, the smell of it instantly wakes me up.” – Diane J

“I liked the canister size (95g) which was light due to being tin and not glass – this would be great to take camping, on road trips, even to work in your handbag. The consistency of the coffee was the finest I have ever seen, almost like cocoa powder, and it still has that beautiful coffee smell.” – Sarah Z

“I am an espresso drinker and a great lover of coffee, so I was excited to get to try something new. Instant coffee is not something I usually drink but I found myself reaching for my Moccona Barista Reserve mid-afternoon as a little pick-me-up that wasn’t so caffeinated I’d be saying hello to 2am. The taste is lovely, smooth, and creamy without the over processed taste of regular instant coffees. The Instant Blonde Roast smells absolutely divine; just like freshly roasted coffee. ” – Carla Z

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