The Untold Truth Of Central Perk

The Untold Truth Of Central Perk

Rachel Greene worked at Central Perk for two years, from the fall of 1994 until the winter of 1996. Waitressing there was her first job, and she was not terribly good at it. 

Having planned on marrying Barry and becoming a rich doctor’s wife, Rachel never really planned any kind of career for herself. So when her daddy cut off her finances and she moved in with Monica, she had to find a way to pay her own bills and take care of herself. Rachel was miserable at Central Perk, but after two years of waitressing pretty poorly, she quit, citing the fact that she wanted to be working in fashion.

But Rachel wasn’t the only friend who worked at Central Perk. Joey also took a server position at Central Perk while his acting career was going through a lull. 

Joey was also pretty bad at the job, but what you may not recall is that Joey’s stint at Central Perk was much shorter lived than Rachel’s tenure. Joey started working at Central Perk in “The One With The Joke” (Season 6, Episode 12), and kept it from his friends. But we didn’t see Joey working at Central Perk again. Just a few episodes later, Joey got his role on the infamous “Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.” and quit without telling Gunther. Gunther told Joey he was going to fire him anyway, so things probably worked out for the best.

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