Top 5 Most Popular Coffee Shops in Portland, Oregon | Restaurant Review

Top 5 Most Popular Coffee Shops in Portland, Oregon | Restaurant Review

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Portland, Oregon, is one of the most distinctive cities in the United States. Portland, while frequently eclipsed by Seattle to the north, is one of the best and most interesting cities in the United States. Though it is primarily recognized as the world’s beer capital, it has also become a significant specialty of coffee roasters in recent years.

5. Good Coffee

Good Coffee is a neighborhood coffee business that serves the greatest coffee in town and they are ecstatic to announce the launch of Good Coffee as a wholesale product. The Yanacocha, a beautiful blend of strong floral and relaxing sweetness, is a must-try. This coffee boasts milk chocolate and dried cherry flavors, as well as a wonderfully smooth texture.

4. The Dragonfly Coffee House

The Dragonfly Coffee House is a locally owned and operated coffee shop that serves some of the greatest coffee in the city. Their premium drip coffee includes an organic French roast, hazelnut cream, and a rotating selection of medium roasts, which are the most popular.

3. Case Study Coffee Roasters

Case Study Coffee Roasters is a local coffee establishment that serves some of the city’s best coffee varieties. The Burnside Blend is the most popular on the menu, and it’s delicious with or without milk. In each easy-to-drink cup of Burnside Blend, look for caramel, almonds, and chocolate.

2. Coava Coffee Roasters

In 2008, Matt Higgins started Coava in his garage in North Portland. By repairing motorcycles, the veteran barista and roaster was able to bootstrap the business. Matt dreamed of launching his own firm after working in specialty coffee for years, where he could roast and create coffees that would be exciting for expert baristas. The Familia Mancia is the best, and the rich, fruity flavors of amaretto, cherry pie, and vanilla wafer in this incredibly exquisite cup will delight you.

1. Coffee Time

Coffee Time was founded in the early days of Portland’s booming coffee culture…as well as a high point of the city’s indy culture. Coffee Time has always been a gathering place for the community. Bull Run Barrel Aged is a delicious coffee that has been aged in barrels. It has berry cereal notes with oaky whiskey tones, and you must try it if you stop by.

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